Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Alti Aylik Relocated

Alti Aylik will open on November 16th in a new location in Çukurcuma, time-sharing the space with the t-shirt shop Wasp and the record shop Deform. The nature of Alti Aylik is a form of co-existence, not only with the shop, but also as a mediator for collective intelligence. We are questioning various ways of co-existence and offer room for verbalizing and materializing ideas. We understand ourselves to be part of a process rather than focusing on concrete results. We are not relying on a fixed body of people, instead we are taking the risk of shifting roles.

In order to achieve the highest output of collective intelligence, Alti Aylik will be structured by four branches that implement artistic production, the exchange of ideas, visual presentation and roles of assistance. These are işlik (Atelier), misafir (Guest), cam (Window), ile (With).

As we are hosted by Wasp T-Shirts we have access to all aspects of textile and printing production facilities So with işlik, we have the possibility to offer artists to work with this medium.

The idea of misafir is to invite artists from different generations to become actively involved in a mutual exchange. This area of communciation is important because we feel that there are too many areas of missing knowledge which is also not compensated for by todays art education.

Cam is the shop window. It most clearly shows the double character of the space which is a T- shirt shop in the day time and taken over by Alti Aylik in the evening. Nevertheless during shop hours one can still find traces of Alti Aylik’s activities. The facade of Alti Aylik cam will display a series of moving and standing images as well as current project information.

The concept of ile is to assist people to initiate and realize projects about issues which are burning for them. The second motivation is to include other people's vision, approach and point of view in order to raise questions and create a common ground of discussion. İle reflects Alti Aylik’s shifting of roles, as we are an open group which will grow, generate ideas and include others’ opinions in order to form a space that accepts different approaches to artistic practice.

Alti Aylik is organised by Bengü Karaduman, Kristina Kramer, Öykü Özsoy.
Address: Turnacıbaşı Sok. 67 Çukurcuma – Beyoğlu İstanbul Turkey

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